This site is not intended to replace your traditional rehab therapy, only to support and compliment it.

My Plastic Brain refers to the amazing neuroplastic capabilities that the brain possesses.  (neuro = neuron, plastic = moldable).  While certain areas of the brain tend to be responsible for specific functions, there is overlap which allows for new pathways to be established.  The more these new pathways are used (repetition), the more ingrained they become.  Solidifying these new pathways allows for ‘rewiring’ to take place.  Functions that were once lost due to injury can be rehabilitated.  In other words, different areas of the brain can be recruited to perform functions that were damaged or lost due to injury.

Neuroplasticity requires:

  1. Specificity - opportunity to practice the skill - specific to the way it will be used.
  2. Repetition - the skill must be practiced over and over and over again.
  3. Challenge - The ‘load’ or level of challenge must be continually increased.

MyPlasticBrain was designed for the rehab patient, to supplement their therapy program, and provide an opportunity for repetitive practice of specific skills with an increasing level of challenge.

Promoting neuroplasticity as part of your rehab therapy program!  Assist your brain to recover lost function due to neurological injury or illness.

MyPlasticBrain was designed for you, your family and friends as a resource tool to assist rehab therapy.  We are glad you have chosen to use our website to help you manage your rehabilitation needs.  We hope you find the information, educational features and activities here helpful in the therapeutic management of the circumstances and environment you may be dealing with at this time.  Your experiences and concerns are very important to us; we encourage your feedback about our capacity to assist you!

The MyPlasticBrain application is divided into 3 primary Zones with additional featured content that rotates on a daily basis.

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